Connect your inkFrog Classic Billing/Plan to inkFrog Open

Great news! You can now connect your inkFrog Classic billing plan with inkFrog Open, and use both Classic and Open. This means you get to use inkFrog Open for your lower, Classic plan price. 

Connecting is simple:

  1. Create an inkFrog Open account (if you haven't yet) at (or try our new domain!)
  2. Login to your Open account, and then visit this URL
  3. That's it! You can now login to Open and use it just like you use Classic - and you get to keep your lower Classic pricing. It's more important than ever to use Open, learn why and some FAQ - Moving to Open.


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    Jim Dalton

    I have done this but my live, sold, unsold haven't came across.  How do I get my items to show?

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